SAP HANA Migration


Companies are increasingly recognizing the power of real-time computing to instantly leverage their data and information for unified analytics and transactions on a single platform.

This migration, however, is no easy feat. You need an experienced partner who intimately understands SAP migration. This is where we come in. Sage Solutions SAP HANA migration solution saves time, reduces costs, and manages risks from start to finish. Our team delivers real business value from assessment through to migration and optimization. Sage Solutions Consulting (SSC) has the certified SAP experts in house to support our customers. With SAP at our core—understanding and advising clients regarding SAP HANA is second nature to us. SSC is the ideal partner to help your enterprise migrate to the cloud.

Cloud Analytics Strategy


Cloud infrastructure for BI and analytics offers cost savings, simplified architecture, and performance benefits, but it can be difficult to figure out where to start. We provide knowledgeable and experienced guidance to evaluate your options carefully and effectively, whether you are considering a move to SAP HANA, or a move from on-premise to cloud.

Already using cloud services? Are you capturing the data you need to make the best decisions about your infrastructure requirements? Making the most of your data? Are you spending where you need to and saving costs where you can? Is your performance and security the best it can be? We provide analysis of infrastructure and operations, recommend changes, and provide costs and benefits to help align your infrastructure and operations with your strategic goals.

Analytics Cloud Migration Services


Designing your initial cloud landscape takes careful planning and creative thinking. Moving your BI, Analytics, and Data Management SAP platform to a public cloud provider require skills that your SAP BASIS and infrastructure teams don't typically have.

Our team will work with yours to plan, test, and execute a seamless migration while keeping their focus on the stability and security of your platform. We will provide your team with all the documentation, skills roadmap, and knowledge required. Post migration, your Analytics platform will operate on an infinitely scalable architecture, responsive to your business’s ever-changing needs and priorities.

Global Analytics Architecture


Even when organizations get good results from their SAP Data Warehousing tools it's often still a major challenge to achieve integration with data and information from throughout the enterprise. We'll design and document a cloud-centered architecture to provide secure global integration of data from all relevant data sources inside your organization and out.

This means integrating your core systems, document and data stores, and data provided by your customers, vendors, and suppliers in a way that provides the maximum visibility. We'll help you leverage cloud tools like AI processing and big data solutions to help you get the most information out of your data.


With over twenty years experience, multiple industry accolades and awards, and more than sixty implementations across multiple continents, it’s fair to say that we speak fluent SAP.  But it’s more than that. From deploying and monitoring to maintaining and optimizing your secure SAP environment in the public cloud, Sage Solutions Consulting (SSC) has got you covered.

Contact us today to get started or if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help.