Sage Solutions Consulting is proud to offer (via Docker) an enterprise container management platform that provides agility, portability and control for both developers and IT operations teams. The solution enables teams to embrace cloud strategies, modernize their applications and go DevOps.

The Docker Datacenter technology provides an out of the box CaaS environment with integrated workflows to build, manage and deploy applications with open standards and interfaces to allow for easily customizing to your business and your application. With an integrated technology platform that spans across the application lifecycle with tooling and support for both developers and IT operations, Docker Datacenter delivers a secure software supply chain at enterprise scale.

Sage Solutions Consulting's Docker Datacenter empowers enterprise teams to build, ship and run their application, anywhere. The Docker Containers as a Service (CaaS) platform delivers the agility, portability and control enterprise IT teams require.


Docker Datacenter accelerates the application development life cycle helping developers build and ship applications 13x faster and gives IT Ops the flexibility to quickly respond to changing business needs. Docker helps reduce developer onboarding time by up to 65%. [ Watch Video ]


41% of users leverage Docker for full stack portability (apps, network, storage) across the app lifecycle, teams, and physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure without requiring changes to code. The platform enables migration to the cloud and the diversification of cloud infrastructure providers. [ Watch Video ]


Docker helps IT teams minimize costs associated with maintaining and supporting existing applications and optimizes infrastructure efficiency by 20X. The platform also empowers IT ops to securely orchestrate, manage, and deploy dockerized applications, at scale. [ Solutions Brief ]

Sage Solutions Consulting (SSC) is proud to leverage the Docker Containers as a Service platform delivered by Docker Datacenter.  Find out more about Docker.

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