United States Army Case Study
United States Army Case Study
United States Army Case Study

COMPANY:   United States Army
INDUSTRY:  Defense  
CUSTOMER WEBSITE:   www.army.mil        

The United States Army is the largest branch of the Armed Forces of the United States that performs land-based military operations. From combat to peacekeeping, both at home and abroad, the operational Army consists of numbered armies, corps, divisions, brigades, and battalions that conduct full spectrum operations around the world. With 546,047 Active personnel and 557,246 Reserve and National Guard personnel, you can imagine the Army uses information technology extensively to support the delivery of services.  
Sage Solutions Consulting are naturally limited in the information we can disclose, however, the United States Army has multiple stakeholders and operating systems dedicated to overlapping processes.  Moreover, there is a significant need for operational efficiency, collaboration, and transparency during vital activities that directly influence mission success. This while improving data sharing, and streamlining processes while ensuring a robust audit compliancy platform is in place.

The standardization of data and its synthesis into a single system was also required to address Security Design gaps and to ensure best security practices and methodologies were incorporated and implemented.  Sage Solutions Consulting was therefore engaged to address the United States Army’s dynamic needs.

Sage Solutions focus to date has largely been around Logistics, Finance, and Reporting modules including Audit Readiness testing, scheduling and planning, Security Redesign services, and SAP GRC Access Controls (to automate the process of detecting, remediating, and ultimately preventing access risk violations.) Note: Sage Solutions Consulting has worked successfully with the United States Army since 2013 and this engagement is still ongoing.
As identified previously, Sage Solutions Consulting is limited to disclosing certain information, however can identify that it’s engagement has extended notable benefits related to Audit compliance, implementing best practice methodologies, increasing operational efficiency, and improved system and user security.   If you have specific questions about Sage’s engagement with the United States Army, please contact us directly.

NOTE: This Case Study is intended to demonstrate both the breadth and scope of Sage Solutions level of engagement and competency. For more information or if you have any questions please contact us directly.