There are a number of benefits to having your SAP landscape in a hosted environment including comprehensive monitoring, maintenance and support of your entire SAP landscape, bespoke solutions for optimization, no CAP-EX and lowered TCO and simplified provisioning.  

Not to mention increased reliability and availability of your SAP landscape and accelerated time-to-value for software implementation and upgrades. Our full-service SAP Hosting and Managed Services also simplify and streamline predictable (bundled) monthly billing for hosting and services. For SAP customers who need their systems securely running without interruptions, our full-service SAP Hosting and Managed Services are the perfect solution.

Moreover, as a certified SAP partner, Sage Solutions Consulting (SSC) brings a new level of flexibility and efficiency to running and hosting business-critical SAP systems, including HANA. Our VMware certified Engineers are SAP focused, offering a hosting option that meets SAP Best Practices and system requirements.

Every datacenter is given a score related to how much uptime it can guarantee. Each tier also has its own specifications. Tier 1 is the least reliable; tier 4 is the most reliable.
Sage Solutions Consulting (SSC) employs a TIER 3 datacenter that has multiple power and cooling sources and uptime of 99.982%. TIER 4’s uptime is only a fraction higher 99.995%. Our TIER 3 datacenter is located in secure facilities in North America, in a state with low incidence of natural disasters. Additionally, our hosting boasts:
•    Biometric security,
•    Optimal climate conditions,
•    A & B power and N+1 full redundancy,
•    Separate UPS rooms,
•    Power-protected circuits from diverse UPS systems,
•    SSAE16 compliant,
•    Reliability award-winning energy provider, backed by redundant power.
Sage Solutions Consulting (SSC) obviously isn’t the only SAP Hosting Service offering a TIER 3 datacenter. However, we pride ourselves on accountability and going the extra distance. Our clients are a testament to this. Moreover, we manage the full migration of your SAP landscape to our data center, as well as all upgrades and implementations required to meet the needs of your enterprise.  

From deploying and monitoring to maintaining and optimizing your secure SAP environment in the public cloud, Sage Solutions Consulting (SSC) has got you covered with a full suite of advanced SAP Services and Solutions across North America. Contact us today to get started or if you have any questions - we’re always happy to help.