We live in a sharing economy built on the idea of collaborative consumption. The model is based upon the simple premise of sharing something versus owning something (for a fraction of the cost.) Excellent examples of this are Uber and Airbnb.


Similarly, the role of the CIO has also evolved to a fractional ownership model. A Fractional CIO, also known as a FCIO, Part-Time CIO, Parachute CIO, or CIO on-demand is an experienced, multi-faceted professional who serves as the part-time chief information officer of a business that otherwise may not be able to afford (or need) a full-time executive.

Your organization may not be able to justify a full-time CIO on staff but the benefits are numerous, and in many ways, necessary. It's important to have guidance around technology and what direction your firm needs to go, today and into the future.

Sage Solutions Consulting can assist by providing credentialed and experienced “C” level experts responsible for establishing and maintaining your enterprise vision, strategy, and program -while ensuring information assets and technologies are adequately protected. We will work with you to develop a strategy and roadmap for your technology department and ensure it is aligned with your corporate strategy. We can assess the resources, vendors, applications and systems needed for your path to success.


Sage Solutions Consulting’s cost-efficient, proven Fractional CIO model provides a single point-of-contact and a coordinated, strategic partnership to coordinate all aspects of your IT with access to other experts as needed.

With over two decades of experience, multiple industry accolades and awards, and more than seventy implementations across multiple continents, it’s fair to say that we’ve learned a few things – some of which may be helpful to you in your own journey. Ultimately, we’re most proud of the company we keep. Our clients are our greatest asset and ambassadors.

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