Sage Solutions Consulting extends Custom Application Development and Management Services / by Sage Solutions

Sage Solutions Consulting is transforming legacy portfolios into flexible, modular applications that improve time to market for new services and return on investment.


PRESS RELEASE - Jacksonville, FL - Sage Solutions Consulting (SSC) has enhanced its comprehensive application services: from developing and testing through deployment and management.  With expertise and automated tools to help drive down application costs, optimize process, and turn applications into a competitive advantage regardless of where applications are in their lifecycles.
Application Managed Services is an approach to outsourcing management through a well-defined set of processes, policies, procedures, and standards custom to your business.
Sage Solutions Consulting (SSC) offers specific service options aimed at delivering various engagement results. On-shore Application Managed Services include quality-oriented activities from application management to provision of on-site technical staff to IT alignment.  Moreover, SSC’s proven model decreases risks, improves service (whether the application is intended for your customers or employees,) while optimizing ROI.
“Whether working on mobile solutions development, electronic delivery services, transactional portals, content management solutions, integrations and customization of enterprise application (CRM, ERP) or changes in central platforms, Sage Solutions Consulting is proud to answer all the needs from private and public sectors in terms of application development,” said Hugh Jetha, CEO, Sage Solutions Consulting.  
Sage Solutions Consulting’s (SSC) Custom Application Development and Management Services cover all phases of a development project: from design, customization, testing, launch, support and evolution of the application. In addition, when working on either developments of new fully customized software or renewal of legacy applications for their evolution and optimization, SSC is committed to complying with the highest programming standards and the best practices in the industry charter.
“It’s a challenge for any business to manage existing systems while trying to develop and implement new applications. Sage Solutions Consulting’s (SSC) scalable and flexible application development services can, therefore, be provided in a flexible fashion (to support your existing teams), through time and material, or on a fixed price basis,” said Hugh Jetha, CEO of Sage Solutions Consulting.  
Sage Solutions Consulting’s (SSC) Custom Application Development and Management Services team defines, streamlines and optimizes how resources accomplish in-scope work outcomes to lower your total cost of ownership and achieve higher levels of performance through our proprietary QCR (quality, cost, risk) methodology.
About Sage Solutions Consulting
Sage Solutions Consulting (SSC) provides a range of IT consulting services with a key focus on ERP solutions. They are specifically well versed in ERP implementations, Security (Identity Management, GRC, audit compliance, SSO, Cyber security, security assessments), project management and Big Data solutions. Over the last 15 years, they have provided certified IT consulting services to a range of industry leading Fortune 500/1000 and public sector businesses.  
In addition, SSC leverages their key partnerships to provide an advanced 360-degree security solution that monitors, collects and responds to (external and internal) threat intelligence data in real time. Their seasoned resources can successfully and securely integrate customer’s business processes by leveraging their experience and partnerships. To learn more about Sage Solutions Consulting, please visit