SAGE SOLUTIONS CONSULTING EXTENDS SOLUTION TO ENSURE General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance in SAP environments. by Sage Solutions


PRESS RELEASE – JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA - Sage Solutions Consulting (SSC), a leading provider of ERP consulting, data integration and big data management software solutions, today announced a comprehensive data governance solution designed to assist companies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance in SAP environments.
Their solution helps to identify and mask the personally identifiable information (PII) of customers, vendors, employees and partners across production SAP applications to address the "right to be forgotten" mandate. This offering is an important part of a complete solution for GDPR compliance across the SAP landscape.
GDPR, in effect May 25, 2018, applies to any corporation, regardless of their location, that possesses the personal data of residents of the European Union. The regulations are designed to strengthen personal data privacy laws in the EU. Among the GDPR regulations includes a provision whereby individuals must agree to having their information used or invoke the "right to be forgotten" option. GDPR also gives regulators the power to fine offending organizations. Therefore, it is in the best interest of organizations globally to ensure that their data governance plan includes provisions for GDPR.
Sage Solutions Consulting's GDPR Data Protection SOLUTION provides the following capabilities:

  • Obfuscates PII data - uses native application functions to ensure data masking and integrity throughout the SAP application environment, ensuring that individuals do not have access to PII data in compliance with the GDPR statutes.
  • Exposure reporting -profiles the existing customer data and proactively defines who can be/should be "forgotten" based on rules created by the user.
  • Custom masking levels -powerful options include pseudonymization, substitution, and redaction while still preserving referential integrity.
  • Configurable policy rules - define what could or should be masked based on different timeframes and business activity.
  • Complete audit trails - makes changes directly through the SAP application layer to provide an audit log of all activity.
  • User-defined "undo" period -provides a user-defined period after which the data masking process cannot be reversed.

"GDPR is reshaping data management practices. As the regulation goes into effect, companies around the world will be impacted by these strict data privacy regulations. Sage Solutions Consulting helps businesses meet this need. As data privacy and protection regulations continue to be implemented around the world, Sage Solutions Consulting will ensure that enterprises remain compliant and future-proof," said Hugh Jetha, Sage Solutions Consulting

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PRESS RELEASE – Jacksonville, Florida - Sage Solutions Consulting today announced that it has joined the Immuta Channel Partner program. As a member, Sage Solutions Consulting joins a dynamic network of select technology and services partners, helping customers rapidly deploy predictive analytics models in highly regulated environments like financial services, healthcare and life sciences, and government.

Organizations need to leverage the competitive advantage of data while ensuring compliance to compete in the digital age. Sage Solutions Consulting’s collaboration with Immuta offers customers the ability to understand the risks associated with the data feeding their AI and machine learning algorithms – before it’s ever used.


Immuta is excited to welcome Sage Solutions Consulting as a new member of its Channel Partner Program,” said Immuta’s Andrew Gilman. “The channel presents a huge opportunity for growth and having Sage Solutions Consulting join our partner ecosystem is a tremendous benefit. We look forward to leveraging our combined assets to drive new business and offer existing customers the streamlined technology they need to succeed in today’s algorithm-driven enterprise.”

Immuta provides a rapid deployment model with a robust integration platform that will provide customers with a plethora of options around reporting and analytics. We are excited to partner their software with our highly skilled resources to further extend our service offerings. Moreover, they lead the forefront around security, protection of PHI/ PII and compliance. Injecting their product into our network will only provide our customers with dividends,” said Hugh Jetha, CEO, Sage Solutions Consulting.  

Organizations that rely on predictive analytics to make critical business decisions are under pressure to dramatically accelerate the speed of operationalizing data for AI. Unfortunately, this is more complicated than it should, involving a fragmented process that requires organizations to buy multiple parts. Immuta, a data management platform for data science, operationalizes data by providing rapid, personalized access of data to dramatically improve speed-up the deployment and auditability of machine learning and AI.


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Immuta is the fastest way for algorithm-driven enterprises to accelerate the development and control of machine learning and advanced analytics. The company’s hyper-scale data management platform provides data scientists with rapid, personalized data access to dramatically improve the creation, deployment and auditability of machine learning and AI. Founded in 2014, Immuta is headquartered in College Park, Maryland. For more information, visit

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